Contact Lense Cross Hair

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This lense makes your eyes to an eyecatcher! It is a great styling-tool! The lense is manufactured in accordance with the international instructions of the ISO standart and is CE-marked. 1 package contains 1 contact lense! You have to order 1 lense for each eye! With this high quality lense you can polish your character to perfection. Easy to use and comfortable to wear this lense will give you an unforgettable look.

Please note: For storing and cleaning your lense you need a container and contact lense solution to keep your lenses soft and comfortable and to prevent them from breaking. If you do not have one already, then add a set to your order!Delivery period: 3-8 business days Before using contact lenses the first time please carefully read the instructions for usage and handling of your lenses. In case of questions please consult an eye specialist or your optician. In general we do not recommend usage of contact lenses in case the wearer has no experience at all. The lense can slightly narrow your field of view - therefore it is not allowed using them while exercising work or driving your car etc. All lenses are One size fits all, soft lenses without power to correct defective vision. When using them on a daily basis you can expect to be able to use them for thirty days. Depending on the way you are taking care of your lenses and how you are handling them, the durability of your lenses can be increased or decreased very much. Included in delivery: - 1 special effect contact lense to refine professional character faces - soft lenses, no power (dioptres) - the lense is hygienically packaged in a separate container for maximum product safety - reusable: designed to be worn on a daily basis for 30 days Relative Size: Uni

Achtung! Nicht für Kinder unter drei Jahren geeignet. Kann Kleinteile enthalten – Erstickungsgefahr.
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